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i have a lot to be grateful for. gratitude is an expression that opens the heart, creating a more coherent resonance of one with its environment & the interactions within it. my visions of an existence for myself & those around me that is marvelously bound to the deepest sentiments & greatest wisdom of nature & being manifest more all the time. i see the patterns & they still astound me.

in other news i posted a poem here for the first time in 5 years(?) about 5 months ago. i am not sure what the bar of quality is around here these days, but it got a DD. i remember that used to be an honor of sorts in the literature community here. these days i have no clue what it means, just that i was popular for a period in time that i have no recollection of because i was not around to see all the fuss. & i am very okay with that. & i am also grateful that some of you got a good read of it. 

y'all be kind to yourself.
  • Listening to: crackling fire
  • Reading: synchronicity
  • Playing: plant worshiper/vital heart cultivator
  • Drinking: reshi & nettles, mostly

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you damn well better get off yer fanny and write.
critmass Apr 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
modern guilt
you promised words. they haven't been recieved. fix it.
Asshole, you never told me how inept life would be at adapting to me.

And now I've had to become my own drunken, rambling pseudo-writer who teaches his kids bad habits and lies.

You never warned me of any of this.
the message was there all along: in the words.
the words have ruined me and all that's left is a puddle of letters.
race you to !

oh wait... ok, tag you're it
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